May 29, 2023
UFCW Canada stands with international allies in condemning the criminalizing of trade-union activists in Cambodia

Toronto  – UFCW Canada alongside international allies strongly condemns the criminalizing of trade-union activists in Cambodia after nine union leaders of the IUF-affiliated LRSU received prison sentences for their role in protesting the unjust termination of thousands of union members last year.

LRSU President Sister Chhim Sithar was handed down the maximum sentence of 2 years for organizing the protests and strike action which were peaceful in nature. Nagaworld casino workers voted to strike after resisting management’s arbitrary and unilateral violation of their rights under the guise of pandemic rules back in 2021.

UFCW Canada alongside IUF-affiliates around the world is watching closely as an injury to one is an injury to all. Worker’s rights are human rights and the criminalizing of the right to organize a union and bargain collectively is an affront to workers everywhere.

To learn more about the struggle unfolding at Nagaworld casino and to share your support for jailed LRSU leaders, click here.