Union members are stronger together. UFCW Local 247 members are invited to come together and “Get Empowered” at our Local’s Engagement Conference this October 20-23, 2024, in Surrey, BC.

Put together by your UFCW Local 247 Engagement Committee, participants will hear from inspiring guest speakers and have the chance to learn from labour movement leaders and UFCW activists from across Canada.

This conference is about creating a space where UFCW Local 247 union members – whether new to their union or long-time labour activists – can learn more about how union members are stronger together.

It’s our intent that members will come away feeling empowered to help build their union and improve their workplaces.

Important Information

Please check back here regularly, as we’ll be posting answers to some frequently asked questions as we receive them from members.

Why have a union conference?

Member engagement and participation are the foundations of a strong and democratic union. Union conferences open spaces for that.

This is the first time in a long time where we have held union conference exclusively for UFCW Local 247 members. What’s even more exciting is that this conference is being planned by a group of union members, our Engagement Committee, with the help and support of union staff. First and foremost, this conference is member-driven.

Who is eligible to attend?

Simply put: ALL UFCW Local 247 members. This isn’t a conference just for shop stewards or long-time union members. The only requirement to attend is that you are currently a member of UFCW Local 247 and will be by the time of the conference and that you have applied and been invited to attend.

In planning this conference, our Engagement Committee wanted to create a fair and equitable application process. Everyone who will be invited to attend must have completed the application and given thoughtful and sincere responses to the questions.

Members invited to register will reflect a mix of new and long-term members, the diversity of our membership, members from across BC and from all the sectors that make up our union: retail, warehousing, food processing, and more.

What is the cost to attend the conference?

For each participant, we will be covering the cost of transportation, accommodation, and any hours you would have worked but missed in order to attend the conference (i.e. lost wages).

Applicants who have been asked to register will be contacted by UFCW Local 247 staff to make arrangements to get you to the conference and ensure we’ve requested Union Leave from your employer using the processes applicable to your workplace and Collective Agreement.

What is the agenda of the conference?

  • Sunday, October 20 – Travel and Registration / Evening Welcome Reception
  • Monday, October 21 – Conference Plenary and Workshops (9am-5pm) with optional evening activities
  • Tuesday, October 22 – Workshops (9am-5pm) and Evening Dinner
  • Wednesday, October 23 – Conference Conclusion (9am-Noon) and Travel

Is this conference going to be accessible?

Our membership is incredibly diverse, and we are working hard to ensure that this conference is accessible to every member in as many ways as it reasonably can be. Here are some efforts conference organizers are planning:

  • An unstaffed quiet room will be available for the use of anyone who needs a break.
  • All-gender restrooms are available as well as traditional men’s/women’s restrooms. Feminine hygiene products will be available free of charge.
  • A room and time will be provided each morning and evening for self-organized recovery meetings.
  • Childcare support will be provided on a reimbursement basis to those who have provided proof of reasonable additional childcare costs as a result of attending the conference.

If there are other accessibility requests you may have, please feel free to reach out to a conference organizer via conference@ufcw247.com or 1.888.361.8329.

Apply Now!

Once you complete and submit your application, you should receive an email from us with further information about the application process and what comes next. If you don’t receive this email, please check your Spam folder. If you have any questions about the conference, feel free to reach out to a conference organizer at conference@ufcw247.com or by phone at 1.888.361.8329.