December 21, 2022
NDP staff secure mid-contract victory – UFCW 232

Ottawa, Ont. – UFCW Local 232 members on Parliament Hill and across Canada are celebrating after winning significant wage gains and bonuses midway through their contract. The local represents the political staffers whose labour powers the federal NDP caucus as they represent their constituents and win victories for working people across Canada in the House of Commons.

Following an unprecedented increase in the MP’s office budgets, the Negotiating Committee of President Greg Sibley, Secretary Treasurer Iseult L’Heureux-Hubert and VP Robert-Alexandre Séguin successfully pushed management to come to the table and enter salary negotiations. Months of union organizing has paid off by more than doubling their four-year contract’s total wage increases from 6% to over 12% for UFCW Local 232 members in MP’s offices in addition to securing raises for workers in caucus services and large bonuses across the board.

“Our members have won some relief from inflation and the cost-of-living crisis thanks to this hard-fought union victory,” says UFCW Local 232 President Greg Sibley. “There is still much work ahead of us and it’s vital that we keep up this momentum as we head towards our next round of bargaining in just over a year,” he added.

UFCW Local 232 represents roughly 150 political staffers who work for the NDP caucus on Parliament Hill and in MP’s offices from Victoria to Iqaluit. They are the only unionized political staff at the federal level and are North America’s oldest political staff union.

How can I join the union?

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