August 30, 2023
Labour Day 2023: United, We Face the Future Together

Toronto – This year, Labour Day has never been so crucial for our society. The future is here: AI is threatening jobs worldwide, climate change is increasing workplace hazards exponentially, and the income disparity between the wealthy and everyone else is ever increasing. The labour movement is now more important than ever for our future and fabric of modern society.  

As we come to the end of a summer that has been coined the ‘Hot Labour Summer’ in the media, as workers across Canada and the world are mobilizing against injustice and unfairness, let us raise our voices together this Labour Day demanding a better future.

Workers have been celebrating Labour Day in Canada for over 150 years – and they won their fight to make it an official holiday in 1894. From parades, to rallies, to picnics, Labour Day has always been about building solidarity.

Today, roughly one in three Canadian workers enjoy the benefits of belonging to a union. Let’s imagine a world together where that proportion is even higher – where every worker has a voice and has union protection.

As Canadians struggle with soaring costs of living and the uncertainty of modern times, it is crucial that the labour movement continue to organize around issues of economic security, fair wages and working-class solidarity. Labour Day is a reminder of what our shared purpose can accomplish and provides a roadmap to achieving equity and fairness.

The UFCW family has made incredible gains this year that we should all be proud of. Let us celebrate our victories as we march throughout the country and join our voices to stand united to improve the lives of all workers.

Happy Labour Day 2023!