June 16, 2023
Servicing update – June 16 2023

Servicing update – June 16th 2023

As reported in the Presidents report during our June 8th 2023 telephone town hall, part of our ongoing commitment to increasing engagement with our members, your union initiated a Special Project Union Representative (SPUR) engagement program which involved members talking to members via store visits. 

If you had read your recent in touch newsletter you would have noticed an article titled “Your Union is Listening”.  Shop steward Sinead Wilson crisscrossed the province visiting Real Canadian Superstores and engaging with members. 

Utilizing these comments and feedback we have received from these visits; changes have been made to the servicing territories which will become effective June 19th

Part of these changes will be a six-month trial, where shop stewards Sinead Wilson and Wojtek Rojewski will take on servicing territories.

We remain committed to our engagement program and will be asking Dawn Stevenson, long-time shop steward from the Newton Superstore to carry on the SPUR engagement process.  Dawn is on the executive board, has been a negotiating committee member and most importantly a fellow union member.

The territory changes will be posted on our website on June 19th.