August 12, 2022
IGA Triwest Foods Store 49 Ratify New Contract

IGA Triwest Foods in West Vancouver was finally ratified on July 26.

This has been a long process as the Company was looking to radically change the agreement and remove many benefits to existing members and any future hires to both Local 247 and 1518 members.

After many months, both Locals’ members stayed united and strong in keeping the company from gutting the agreement.   

The committee unanimously recommended the deal and it was ratified by 100%.

"The bargaining committe at IGA worked hard and stood together to demand better" said UFCW 247 Director of Bargaining Dean Patriquin, and "through our committment, we were able to maintain all benefits for our members and future members."

Congratulations to workers at IGA West Vancouver on their new contract.