August 17, 2020
Build your skills in leadership, notetaking, and health and safety with new webCampus On-the-Go courses

UFCW Canada’s ground-breaking online education program, webCampus, continues to provide exciting and dynamic learning opportunities with the addition of five new “On-the-Go” courses focusing on leadership, notetaking, mental health, and more.

Designed for busy learners, webCampus On-the-Go modules look at interesting topics and relevant skills that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. With no tests or exams, you can take in well-organized lessons, acquire new skills, and dedicate your time to enjoying what you learn.

Like traditional webCampus courses, webCampus On-the-Go courses are available for free to all UFCW Canada members and their family members, as well as our community partners.

The new On-the-Go courses are available in English and are described as follows:

On-the-Go: Mental Health Check-In

Do you have feelings of sadness, anxiety, worry, or irritability? Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? These are common issues for a lot of people. However, when these feelings get very intense, last for a long period of time, and begin to interfere with school, work, or relationships, it may be a sign of a mental health problem. Our “On-the-Go: Mental Health Check-In” course is a way for you to check-in on your mental health in 15 minutes or less.


On-the-Go: Mental Health – You're Not Alone

Do you have little interest in doing things? Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you have little energy or a poor appetite? You might benefit from a mental health check-in. In these unprecedented times, you may be experiencing anxiety or other mental health challenges in your life and your community. There are steps you can take to maintain good mental health. With “On-the-Go: Mental Health – You’re Not Alone,” you can learn ways to recognize when you need to take a moment for your mental health. Because we can all use a little help to navigate life


On-the-Go: The Basics of WHMIS/GHS

What are the hazards associated with products in my workplace? How can I protect myself? What should I do in an emergency at work? webCampus’ “On-the-Go: The Basics of WHMIS/GHS” answers these questions, helps you learn more about the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals, and provides strategies for staying health and safe at work in 15 minutes of less.


On-the-Go: Taking Effective Notes During Important Meetings

Have you ever looked at your notes and wondered, what does this all mean? webCampus’ “On-the-Go: Taking Effective Notes During Important Meetings” provides tips on how to take better notes while remaining focused on the conversation at hand, all in 15 minutes or less.


On-the-Go: Time to Lead

Being a leader presents three kinds of challenges: external, coming from people and situations; internal, stemming from within the leader themselves; and those arising from the nature of the leadership role. webCampus’ “On-The-Go: Time to Lead” course can help you better understand the challenges of leadership in 15 minutes or less.


Registration for the new webCampus On-the-Go courses is now open. To register for the courses, or to learn more about UFCW Canada’s online education program, visit the webCampus website.