April 03, 2024
April 3 2024 – Service disruption update for members of the UFCW 247 Benefit Trust Fund

Prudent Benefits Administrative Services (PBAS) has completed their implementation of the new member portal called DrawBridge.

This new portal will improve member access to their benefits to eligible members at Loblaws Superstore, DC, and Extra Foods.

The backlog of claims is now being processed and full service has resumed.

They apologize again for any inconvenience these delays have caused.

Registration details will be sent out with EOB (Explanation of Benefits) forms and as well registration information will be posted on the Union Bulletin Boards.

Just a reminder that members must have completed 3 full calendar months of employment before they are eligible to register.

Members may visit:  ufcw247.drawbridge.ca

Or by scanning this QR code:

If you have any questions regarding your benefits claims status, please contact the Administrator at 1-800-663-7977 or 247benefits@pbas.ca.