November 01, 2021
All Safeway Extra Stores Return the The Safeway Collective Agreement

UFCW 247 has reached an agreement with Sobeys to bring all Safeway Extra stores back under the Safeway collective agreement.

As of December 5, 2021, all UFCW 247 members at the three Safeway Extra stores (Willowbrook, Burquitlam and Dawson Creek) will join our other UFCW 247 members working at Safeway stores across the province to be under one collective agreement.

Workers at Safeway Extra will now have access to provisions of the Safeway agreement, including wage increases for all employees (including Grid A and B), scheduled for January 1, 2022, as well as cross-classification scheduling for employees to access more hours.

In addition to implementing the terms of the Safeway collective agreement, we will meet with the Employer within 30 days to review job posting calculations. Any resulting full-time positions will be posted in the job posting region as per article 13.06 of the Safeway collective agreement and awarded by seniority.

This new agreement will help increase our bargaining position as Safeway members enter contract negotiations in 2023.

We also congratulate Local 1518 who also reached an agreement to return their Safeway Extra  members to the Safeway collective agreement.