May 22, 2020
$2 Covid pay still in effect as B.C.’s minimum wage to increase on June 1

The vast majority of UFCW 247 members continue to receive the $2 per hour premium pay introduced by most food industry employers in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The union continues to monitor this situation closely. In the US, the massive Kroger grocery company received a backlash after announcing it was ending $2 Covid pay in the middle of the crisis. Kroger also demanded money back from employees Kroger claimed it had overpaid, but backed off after the resulting bad publicity.

In addition, effective June 1, the minimum wage in B.C. will rise to $14.70 per hour. The increase to the minimum wage will impact the wage rates of some union members. The union will be monitoring this situation as well to ensure those entitled to a bump in their wages due to the minimum wage increase are paid properly.