August 23, 2023
Workers Stand Together at Meat-Packing and Food Processing Chain Meeting

Omaha, Nebraska –  UFCW workers gathered in Omaha earlier this month for UFCW International’s Food Processing, Packing and Manufacturing (FPPM) chain meeting, held August 7-9, 2023.

Meat-packing and food processing members representing the breadth of the US and Canada met to discuss current issues that are affecting their industries, and how to strengthen jobs in the meatpacking and food processing sectors.  

Over 200 workers participated in the three-day conference, including international representatives from the IUF, and Canadian delegates including members from UFCW Locals 401 and 175, and the National Office.

Key topics from the 2023 sessions included Safety, Health and Workplace Violence, and Identifying and Preventing Human Trafficking in the workplace.  In addition, workers were able to share knowledge of their specific sectors with sessions for members in the food processing, poultry, beef and pork sectors.

The meeting also included employer-specific workshops for members who work at large transnational conglomerates such as Cargill, Smithfield, JBS, Nestle, ConAgra, Kraft-Heinz, Tyson Foods, and Hormel, allowing workers to build solidarity between plants and share their knowledge and experiences.

Internationally, UFCW represents more than 245,000 members working in food processing, including 192,607 in meat processing. Nearly 40,000 of these members are in Canada, with 14% of UFCW Canada members working in meat-packing and food processing. UFCW Canada is the leading union for food processing workers coast to coast.  

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