October 11, 2023
webCampus: Over 220 courses FREE to members and their families
Toronto – October 11, 2023 – UFCW Canada’s online education platform, webCampus, continues to provide new and engaging courses that are relevant to the needs of workers in Canada today. With over 220 courses available for free to members and their families, there is no doubt you’ll find something that’s right for you.

New Course Highlights:

On-the-Go: Stretching Your Dollars

Getting the most for every dollar means different things to different people. Life stage, income level, where you live, relationship status—these, among other considerations—impact how we spend and save our money. This On-the-Go course will give you some simple and easy suggestions on how to stretch you hard earned dollars and still enjoy life.

A Worker’s Story: The Present

Workers have laid the foundations for a workplace environment that is much safer and healthier than it was over a hundred years ago.  Currently, the challenges worker’s face is not just within Canada, they span the globe.  A Worker’s Story: The Present examines the current issues that affect workers and what we are doing about it.

These accessible and easy-to-use courses are great for skills development and are free to members and their families. To register for these free online courses, and to find out more about webCampus, visit the webCampus website.