September 20, 2021
webCampus continues to expand pre-apprenticeship training with horticulturalist course – Register Now

Toronto – September 20, 2021 – According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian horticultural industry is valued at $7.4 billion and employs nearly 270,000 workers.

To prepare UFCW Canada members with the skills and knowledge to excel in this profitable and growing industry, webCampus has launched the Horticulturalist Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

The program has been designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of e-learners with interactive tools and materials that allow for self-paced learning.

From arboriculture to botany and plant science there are many important skills the professional horticulturalist is required to gain for successful accreditation from provincial trades authorities.

This pre-apprenticeship course has been created to meet such rigorous standards while introducing participants to the many fascinations of the trade.

If you are interested in registering for the Horticulturalist Pre-Apprenticeship Program, click here. To view our full suite of pre-apprenticeship training courses, visit the webCampus website.