April 21, 2023
Urge the Canadian government to legislate Anti-Scab Laws now!

The Canadian government has promised to implement anti-scab legislation this year. This legislation would prevent employers from hiring replacement workers, or "scabs," during strikes and lockouts. It is an important step towards protecting workers' rights and ensuring fair labour practices.

The government has an excellent model for this legislation in NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice’s private member’s Bill C-302 and we are urging all parties to work together to pass this Bill.

The use of scabs is a common practice in Canada. Scabs are often hired by employers to replace striking workers, thereby undermining the effectiveness of strikes, and decreasing the bargaining power of unions.

The use of scabs has been associated with increased conflict, prolonged strikes, and a decrease in the quality of working conditions. Currently, only two provinces in Canada, Quebec and British Columbia, have anti-scab legislation in place. This leaves workers in other provinces vulnerable to exploitation.

We need your support to make sure that this legislation becomes a reality. We cannot allow employers to continue to exploit their power during labour disputes, and we must ensure that workers have the right to strike without fear of being replaced.

Show your support by sending a letter to the Federal Minister of Labour, Seamus O’Regan. To make it easy for all of us, UFCW Canada has created a form you can quickly fill out and submit online, it is available here.