January 16, 2023
Upgrade your skills this winter with WebCampus

As we find ourselves in the long winter months, take the time to improve your skills with new courses from WebCampus. With over 220 courses available for members and their families, you’ll find something that’s right for you.

Featured Courses Winter 2023

Update Your Online Presence: Everyone that has ever used the internet has a digital footprint. Your digital footprint, i.e., your online presence is the broad picture of the identity you’ve created online — personal and professional. It changes each time you publish content, write a tweet, or interact with someone in a public online space. . In a nutshell, learn how to ensure your digital footprint is what you wants others to see.  Learn more.

Procrastination: The Science Behind It and How to Change It: Procrastination is a challenge we have all faced at one point or another. Most of us struggle with delaying, avoiding, and procrastinating on issues that matter to us. In less than 90 minutes, this course can offer you some real solutions. Learn more.

On-the-Go Time Management (15 minutes long): Do you need help with time management? Do you need to better manage your time at work or at home? Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day?  If you answered yes, this short module is for you. Learn more.

These accessible and easy-to-use courses are great for skills development and are free to members and their family. To register for these free online courses, and to find more out more about webCampus, visit the webCampus website.