July 29, 2022
UFCW Canada and Uber hold second quarterly meeting to mark six-month anniversary of historic agreement

Toronto – July 29, 2022 – UFCW Canada and Uber held their second quarterly meeting to address health and safety, representation, and advocacy issues, marking six months since the two parties signed a historic national agreement to better serve drivers on the platform.

Since signing the historic national agreement, UFCW Canada and Uber have worked concertedly to address the needs of drivers, specifically surrounding deactivation and representation. Over the past six months, UFCW Canada has extended its advocacy to locations in Mississauga, Ottawa and Calgary, where drivers can meet representatives in-person to resolve complaints with the platform provider.

Through this advocacy, dozens of drivers have been reactivated and dozens more have had their issues successfully resolved. As part of the national agreement, the two parties meet on a quarterly basis to address recurring issues that drivers are experiencing, bringing voice to these concerns.

In addition to the quarterly update, UFCW Canada and Uber held a planning session to coordinate best practices over the next six months.

To learn more about UFCW Canada and Uber's historic national agreement, and how it benefits drivers on the platform, click here.