June 13, 2023
UFCW activists rally in support of the Canada Disability Benefit

Toronto —  People with disabilities can't afford to wait. UFCW Canada supports the campaign by Disability Without Poverty and Inclusion Canada calling on the federal government to pass Bill C-22 and make the Canada Disability Benefit a reality.

UFCW Canada stands in support of Disability Without Poverty’s campaign and rallies this month demanding that MP’s Ratify Bill C-22 before Parliament recesses for the summer.

6.2 million Canadians aged 15 and older identify as having a least one disability. 41% of people living in poverty are disabled. Over 50% of people facing food insecurity are people with disabilities.

Bill C-22, An Act to Reduce Poverty and Support the Financial Security of Persons with Disabilities by Establishing the Canada Disability Benefit is a proposed federal income supplement to move people with disabilities out of poverty. It has the potential to bring economic equality for persons with disabilities across Canada.

Poverty does not take a break. Write to your government officials and call on the government to pass Bill C-22 as quickly as possible.