December 20, 2022
Standing together for fairness in 2023

With the holiday season upon us, and a new year awaiting, now is an appropriate time to reflect on the victories that UFCW activists achieved together this past year, while looking ahead to the challenges that await in 2023 and beyond.

In 2022, our UFCW Canada family continued to advance in solidarity, with major organizing victories in our core sectors, including bargaining gains in the growing cannabis industry. In January, we secured a landmark agreement with Uber Canada which gave 100,000 gig workers on the Uber platform access to UFCW Canada representation.

In August, UFCW activists from across the country were able to gather in person again at our 2022 National Convention in Toronto, as delegates spent the convention reaffirming UFCW Canada’s commitment to advancing gender equity and human rights; member inclusion, engagement and mobilization; safety, health and workers’ compensation advocacy; truth and reconciliation and the advancement of social justice.

The summer, we launched innovative pilot project with Mexican governments called the Migrant Workers Representation Pilot. UFCW Canada and migrant workers are connected in the field, as union activists deliver safety, health, and labour rights training to migrant workers before, during and after their work term in Canada.

We continue to advocate for issues that matter most to Canadian workers: from paid sick days to truly universal child care and a progressive recovery with an inclusive social safety net. As we face a 2023 filled with soaring costs of living and continued uncertainty, it is crucial that we continue to rally together to continue to organize around issues of economic security, fair wages and a robust recovery.

UFCW Canada wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season, and a prosperous and healthy New Year!