February 06, 2023
Reactivated and ready to go, Uber driver back on the road with UFCW Canada help

Hamilton, Ont. –  Nazim Syed, an Uber X and UberEats driver is back on the road with the help of UFCW Canada representation.

Syed, a driver based out of Hamilton, Ontario, reached out to Uber after he found his account had been deactivated over an issue regarding errors in his new vehicle’s safety documents and was faced with the message that nothing could be done despite resolving the issue.

Luckily for Syed and thanks to the historic agreement between UFCW Canada and Uber, Syed had UFCW Canada representation available to help him get back on the road and continue to provide for his family.

“Someone had told me to contact UFCW, they will help you,” said Syed. “I submitted the request online and was contacted by a UFCW Canada representative who heard my case and helped me resubmit my documents. Uber has reactivated my account, thanks to the efforts of UFCW.”

Through UFCW Canada’s historic agreement with Uber Canada drivers can access representation services from UFCW Canada to assist with account deactivations, licensing issues, background checks, and other matters.

To learn more about the benefits available to Uber drivers via UFCW Canada representation, visit our website for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform.