August 13, 2021
Ontario court moves workers’ class-action lawsuit against Uber to the next stage

Toronto – August 13, 2021 – In the next step towards full recognition of employment rights, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has certified Uber drivers' class-action lawsuit against their app-based employer.

“This is the correct decision of the court and as the union for Uber drivers we are paying close attention to the outcome of this case,” says UFCW Canada National President Paul Meinema. “We are confident that this will pave the way for Uber drivers to be recognized as the union for Uber drivers.”

The ruling comes after the Supreme Court of Canada rejected Uber’s arbitration process with UFCW Canada holding Intervenor Status in the case.

“Uber’s own survey indicates that a majority of drivers want some sort of recognition for their dedicated service,” says UFCW Canada Gig and Platform Initiatives Coordinator Pablo Godoy. “Meaningful representation in the form of unionization continues to be the only viable option for drivers to address their growing concerns regarding employment standards.”

UFCW Canada remains optimistic that the outcome of the class-action will include the regulation of app-based companies as employers with their workers entitled to basic employment protections such as a minimum wage, paid sick days, employment insurance, and a public pension.

“It’s exciting that the law is finally catching up with our reality as drivers,” says UFCW Canada member and Uber driver Ejaz Butt. “We work tirelessly to meet the needs of the business but when we ask for basic input and recognition of our rights as drivers, we get shut out. This court decision ensures Uber answers the door and we know with our union’s support we will be welcomed in and provided a seat at the table.”

Since launching the Uber Drivers United campaign in 2019, UFCW has become the leading voice for ride-hailing drivers in Canada, bringing union membership to hundreds of Uber Black drivers in Toronto and spearheading organizing efforts in British Columbia, as well as other parts of the country.

To learn more about the campaign to bring justice and fairness to Uber and other ride hailing drivers, visit UFCW’s Uber Drivers United website.