March 17, 2023
Next Group of Migrant Agricultural Workers Enters Pilot Project

Leamington, ON – Mexican MP Alejandro Rodrigues and UFCW Canada’s Pablo Godoy welcomed groups of Migrant Agricultural Workers in Leamington, Ontario this week.

Over 70 workers are arriving in Canada this month as part of the Migrant Workers Representation Pilot between UFCW Canada and Mexican governments.

The Migrant Workers Representation Pilot is a joint initiative between UFCW Canada and Mexican governments, which involves union activists delivering safety, health and labour rights training to migrant workers before, during and after their work term in Canada, alongside providing advocacy supports and solidarity building opportunities. It runs from August 2022 to October 2024.

The workers who are arriving in Canada will receive weekly training sessions, focusing on health, safety, rights and other topics held at the Workers Support Centre in Leamington, Ontario. They will receive ongoing advocacy support and solidarity building opportunities.

Coming up, we will be holding Health and Safety & Basic Rights training sessions in early April, including one focused specifically on LGBTQ2S+ migrant agricultural workers.

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