March 16, 2024
New courses added: Women’s Movement On-the-Go and more

New courses added

Toronto – March 11, 2024 – Life’s challenges are best faced with confidence – you can find it on webCampus.

Enroll today in one of the new courses now available on webCampus.

  • On-the-Go: The Women’s Movement – Equality & Activism – In Canada women have represented more than 50% of the population for centuries and continue to fight for respect, equality, and fairness. This On-the-Go course will introduce the three waves of the women’s movement. Enroll today.
  • On-the-Go: De-Escalating Conflict – Many conflicts stem from misunderstandings and confusion, and it takes a mindful approach to handle them well. Learning ways to de-escalate conflicts is a skill that can lead to resolutions and prevent violence and harm. Enroll today.
  • Adult Education Essentials: Micro-credential – In the dynamic landscape of education, Adult Education, Course Design, and Online Facilitation have become integral components driving the evolution of learning. Enroll today.

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