June 08, 2024
New courses added: Employee Rights Specialist and more
New courses added: Employee Rights Specialist and more

Toronto – June 6, 2024 – Learn the importance of championing respect, equality, and fairness at work.

Enroll today in one of the new courses now available on webCampus.

  • On-the-Go: Workplace Violence & Harassment – Has there been violence in your workplace? When employees leave late at night, are they protected? Is there a system in place to call for help? These questions can be a big deal and the answers can prove to be a big help. Sometimes a simple look at current workplace practices can identify possible risks of violence. Enroll today.
  • Employee Rights Specialist: Micro-credential – Understanding one’s rights as an employee gives one the ability to defend against unfair treatment, make wise decisions, and support an equitable and lawful workplace.  This micro-credential bundles 3 courses that cover topics every worker advocate must be well aware of: Investigations, Better Note Taking, and Steward Essentials. Enroll today.
  • People Skills Proficient: Micro-credential – Whether it’s a business, organization or a simple family gathering, people skills are in demand. Having technical skills and knowledge may open a door, it will be people skills that allow you to thrive and grow with others. Enroll today.

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