June 20, 2024
National Indigenous Peoples Day and Wiikinahmahgeh Corner
National Indigenous Peoples Day and Wiikinahmahgeh Corner

Toronto – June 19, 2024 – On June 21, Canadians are called to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, culture and contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples on National Indigenous Peoples Day. On this day we celebrate the unique cultures and contributions made by Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.Today is also a day for non-Indigenous peoples in Canada to learn more about the role settlers have played in Canadian history.

Previously referred to as National Aboriginal Day – National Indigenous Peoples Day has been celebrated in Canada since 1996. June 21 in the calendar year marks the start of the summer solstice, an important season for many Indigenous peoples and communities who have commemorated this occasion with special ceremonies for millennia. Official recognition for this day is the result of the advocacy of many Indigenous nations and community members.

In commemoration of Indigenous History Month, UFCW Canada is pleased to release a new Indigenous Justice Pamphlet, created with guidance from members of the UFCW Canada Indigenous Sub-committee, along with new resources to support advocacy on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-Spirit Peoples.

Learn from UFCW Indigenous member perspectives in our series Wiiikinahmahgeh Corner, which means Education Corner, in the Ojibway language. Watch below as UFCW Indigenous members discuss their experiences at the CLC Indigenous Lobby Day in Ottawa.