April 28, 2023
National Day of Mourning

Toronto – April 28 marks the National Day of Mourning for workers injured or killed on the job.  In 1984, the Canadian Labour Congress established April 28th as the National Day of Mourning in Canada to remember and honour those who have died, been injured or suffered illness in the workplace.  The date was chosen in 1984, when the Canadian Labour Congress proclaimed the Day to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the day the first Ontario Worker's Compensation Act was approved by the government (1914). The Day of Mourning was enshrined in national legislation by an Act of Parliament on February 1, 1991.  UFCW Canada encourages every worker to make workplace health and safety a personal priority and help spread the word that every worker has the right to refuse unsafe work.  On April 28, let us remember those who have been injured or killed on the job, and keep them in our thoughts. Let us honour the memory of those killed or injured on the job, and never forget the importance of our commitment to keep workers safe.  Activists are also encouraged, if possible, to attend Day of Mourning events in their communities, or pause for a moment of silence at 11 a.m., on April 28.