October 19, 2022
Migrant Workers Representation Pilot Begins in Toluca, Mexico

Migrant Workers Representation Pilot Begins in Toluca, Mexico


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Toluca, Mexico – October 12, 2022 – UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Representation Pilot with Mexican governments held an inaugural workshop in Toluca, Mexico on August 10, 2022.

The Migrant Workers Representation Pilot involves governments in Mexico partnering with UFCW to have safety, health, and labour rights training delivered by union activists to migrants before, during and after their work term in Canada. Once in Canada, migrants and UFCW are connected in the field, with the union providing advocacy supports and solidarity building opportunities.

The inaugural training session was held in Toluca, Mexico on August 10. The objective of the workshop was to recruit and train Mexican agricultural workers to participate in the pilot.

The workshop was organized jointly between the Secretaria del Trabajo (Ministry of Labour, Estate of Mexico) and UFCW, signalling the close collaboration between UFCW and the Mexican governments.

We were able to enlist and surveyed 46 workers. The event was joined by Maribel Góngora Espinosa, Mexico State Labour Minister, Federal Congressman Maximiano Barboza who is a member of the Migrant International Commission and Mexico State Congressman, Max Agustin Correa, who also holds the position of General Secretary of the Central Campesina Cardenista, among other representatives.

UFCW Canada provided information, training, and assistance to Mexican seasonal agricultural workers who are about to leave for Canada.

The Migrant Workers Representation Pilot runs from August 2022 to October 2024: to receive regular updates, subscribe to Report from the Fields.