June 20, 2023
#IUFCongress2023 closes with commitments to climate justice, sustainable agri-food policy and the right to unionize

Geneva –  IUF Congress 2023 closed out its plenary session adopting various resolutions that aim to tackle the climate crisis, advance sustainable agri-food policy, fight the rise of fascism and restore the right to unionize.

UFCW Canada played a central role in adopting a resolution that calls for greater scrutiny of the country’s agricultural sector where in some jurisdictions workers are denied the right to unionize.

The resolution calls for a united front led by the ILO to formally rebuke Canada for its contravention of CO98 – Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98) – of which Canada is a signatory.

UFCW Canada also put forward the call for international solidarity with Honduran farmers at Fyffes who are fighting for the right to organize and collective bargaining.

Congress delegates unanimously re-elected Mark Lauritsen President and Sue Longley General Secretary of the IUF through to the IUF’s 29th Congress in 2027.  

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