March 22, 2023
Industry Snapshot: Canadian lamb sector punches above its weight

Toronto – According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian lamb sector continues to punch well above its weight by contributing strong margins to a stable and thriving meat sector.

Lamb products are often overshadowed by the strength of the Canadian beef, pork and chicken markets, however it should not be lost on consumers the resilience of this sector and its ability to contribute to the overall health of the Canadian meat market.

Indeed, the Canadian lamb market is forecasted to be valued at $800 million in 2023, a full three percent increase from 2019, which signals the strongest performance across all other meat sectors.

Canada exports many of its lamb products to the United States, China, Egypt, UAE and the Czech Republic with these five destinations accounting for nearly 90% of exports and over $5 million in annual trade. The market for lamb in pet food products also continues to increase each year with nearly 60 products launched between 2016 and 2021.

With spring in the air and the Easter season fast approaching, consider supporting Canadian producers and stocking up on some fresh and local lamb offerings. To learn more about UFCW-made lamb products, visit our Great Canadian Food Products page.