August 17, 2021
Industry Snapshot: Canada’s beef supply chain maintains a solid decade of growth

Toronto – August 17, 2021 – According to the latest report from Statistics Canada, the nation’s beef supply chain continues to be a major source of the country’s economic growth going on a decade.

The country exported 308 million kilograms of fresh and chilled beef products valued at $2.3 billion in 2019 alone while only importing 69 million kilograms valued at $668 million.

Price fluctuations for beef have been observed at different stages of the supply chain with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicating that the retail price for fresh and frozen beef has increased by 57 percent in the last decade.

The price for meat production has also seen steady increases throughout the past decade culminating in a 62 percent increase on beef processing. 

The data is clear: beef products are and will continue to be a driving force in Canada’s economic growth.