April 11, 2023
Identity theft victim reactivated on Uber platform thanks to UFCW

Toronto  – Uber driver Yousef Omar Ibrahim Al-Hourani, a newcomer to Canada, is back on the road thanks to UFCW Canada representation, which helped him get reactivated on the platform after falling victim to identity theft.

Al-Hourani was deactivated from the platform after learning that one of his documents submitted for the mandatory background check was falsified or altered. He then tried to contact Uber to explain that he had been a victim of identity theft and that the person he trusted to help him with his documents had scammed him and disappeared. After repeated failed attempts to raise his concerns, there had been no response from Uber.

“I was very stressed, I didn’t know what to do or who to go to,” said Al-Hourani. “How was I going to pay my bills? Earn a living to help support my family if I was locked out of my primary source of income?”

Thankfully for Al-Hourani the historic agreement between UFCW Canada and Uber Canada provides deactivated drivers union representation to help them get back on the road and earning again.

“The representatives at UFCW Canada are very polite and nice people. They asked for all my information and documents and walked me through the process. My case was submitted to Uber and I was reactivated,” Al-Hourani says.

“I don’t know how many times I will say ‘Thank you!’ but this message is coming from my heart. Now I am back on the road and making money to support mine and my family’s livelihood. UFCW Canada’s service is phenomenal. Keep up the good work!” he adds.

Through UFCW Canada’s historic agreement with Uber Canada drivers can access representation services from UFCW Canada to assist with account deactivations, licensing issues, background checks, and other matters.

To learn more about the benefits available to Uber drivers via UFCW Canada representation, visit our website for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform.