March 31, 2022
Food retail members at Metro Ontario achieve major gains – UFCW 175 & 633

Mississauga, Ont. – March 31, 2022 – Close to 8,000 UFCW 175 & 633 members working at Metro Ontario have ratified a new collective agreement that provides wage gains, new job positions, improved benefits, and more.

After twenty days of negotiations, the Metro bargaining committee unanimously recommended the four-year settlement to the membership, as significant wage increases were achieved throughout the contract.

Under the new deal, a revised meat cutter pay scale will increase the current top rate by $3.20 to $23.00, with additional wage increases to follow. As well, the agreement now includes part-time meat cutters, which did not exist before, and these members will be paid the same rate as full-time meat cutters.

As a result of this change for meat cutters, Assistant Meat Department Heads will also see a wage adjustment of $2.75 per hour above the top rate, with additional wage increases in each year of the contract thereafter. Newly negotiated full-time union positions of Assistant Head Cashier and Assistant Deli Department will create many new full-time jobs.

Improvements in the vision care allowance will see an increase from $225.00 to $300.00 for full- and part-time members, and short-term disability has been increased from 66 2/3% at $520.00 per week to $638.00 per week. Benefits have also been negotiated for active full- and part-time employees who work beyond age 65, ensuring benefits for approximately 650 members. In addition, the safety boot allowance will increase from $100 to $125 for both full- and part-time members.

Thanks to the new deal, thousands of food retail members at Metro will also be able to celebrate the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a paid, statutory holiday.

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