June 04, 2021
Faster Together coalition encourages Canadians to get vaccinated as soon as they can

FasterTogether-300.jpgOttawa – June 2, 2021 – UFCW Canada has partnered with the Faster Together coalition – a national task force aimed at encouraging Canadians to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

The task force, made up of various civil society organizations, has launched the campaign Faster Together to overcome vaccine hesitancy, which according to Abacus Data accounts for over 20% of Canadians.

Getting vaccinated ensures Canadians can safely return to the everyday activities we once took for granted prior to the pandemic. Travelling, dining out, and even getting a haircut seem like luxuries of a distant past for a public now accustomed to short walks, home cooking, and do-it-yourself hacks amidst months of public health restrictions.

The campaign reminds us of what life was like pre-pandemic and what a return to normal can look like if we all do our part and get vaccinated as soon as we can. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Faster Together website