January 05, 2023
Equity Grant Winners Announced and Applications Open

UFCW Canada is pleased to announce the 2022 Equity Grant recipients and highlight the work they are doing to advance equity and social justice within their communities. 

About the UFCW Canada Equity Grant Program

The UFCW Canada Equity Grant Program was first launched on December 10, 2020, to coincide with Human Rights Day. The program builds on UFCW Canada’s longstanding mandate to support the work of both UFCW members and the communities they serve.

The Equity Grant Program aims to support newcomer programs, human rights initiatives, and community action projects. Annually, the new Equity Grant Program will consist of a total of three grants – worth $1,000 each – made available to UFCW Canada members and allies.

  • Eligibility: Open to UFCW members and community justice activists outside of UFCW who are currently engaged in or looking to engage in a social justice initiative.
  • Grant Amount: A total of three $1000.00 grants are currently open for application until September 30,2023 through the equity grant online platform. The vision of this program remains to advance equity-focused initiatives for UFCW members and community activists under three streams. These include the Newcomer/Immigration stream; the Human Rights stream and the Community Action/Social Justice stream. 
  • Applying for the Equity Grant: The application process takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and the platform is accessible. Apply here!

By assisting UFCW members and community members, engaged community activists and students in addressing societal barriers to inclusion, the grant is a tangible initiative that mobilizes solidarity through community action and a solidarity approach.  In doing so, the UFCW Canada Equity Grant program upholds our union values which include recognizing the social justice work being undertaken by our membership and communities across Canada.  

2022 Equity Grant Recipients

We are proud to announce Equity Grant recipients for the 2022 calendar year and to highlight some of the good work they are undertaking to advance equity and social justice within their communities.

Bianca Mammarella

Bianca is one of 4 co-founders of Hope McMaster, a university-campus led initiative in Ontario which provides supports for prospective students facing adversity, along with addressing social justice barriers within this geographic region. Bianca is also a UFCW Local 175 Union member employed in the grocery retail sector.

Umair Ahad

Umair is the founder of the Pamir Canadian Multiculturalism Council. As a non-profit organization, they work to provide services in education, environment, project/program management, refugee resettlement, LGBTQ+ and social activism nationally and internationally. 

Sean Champion-Taylor

Sean is the founder of Rivercity Neurocast, a podcast initiative which aims to advance broader conversations on neurodiversity and neurodivergent persons within Manitoba. The project also aims to dismantle the various prejudices often held about persons with intellectual disabilities and the societal barriers that exist to achieving inclusion in the workplace an beyond.Sean is also a UFCW Local 832 Union member employed in the grocery retail sector.

Throughout the following weeks UFCW Canada will highlight the work of each Equity Grant Recipient and provide information on how you can get connected to their important work!