April 04, 2023
Equal Pay Day 2023

Toronto – April 4, 2023 – UEqual Pay Day this year is April 4, 2023. Equal Pay Day is a global event to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. It marks how many months into 2023 the average woman must work to catch up to what the average man earned in 2022. 

The gender pay gap refers to the difference in average earnings of people based on gender. It is a widely recognized indicator of gender inequities, and it exists across industries and professional levels. There are different ways of measuring the gap, but no matter how you measure it, the gap still exists.

The gender pay gap is worse for those who face multiple barriers, including racialized women, Indigenous women, and women with disabilities.

The UN’s Human Rights Committee (2015) has raised concerns about “persisting inequalities between women and men” in Canada, including the “high level of the pay gap” and its disproportionate effect on low-income women, racialized women, and Indigenous women.

How do we close the gender pay gap?

  • Raise the minimum wage to a living wage
  • Mandate paid sick days for workers
  • Affordable, accessible public childcare with decent wages for childcare workers
  • Implement Pay Transparency Act
  • Rebuild the economy by funding public services

Learn more at: http://equalpaycoalition.org/ or follow @equalpayon with the hashtags #EqualPayDay and #CloseThePayGap. 

Take action and send a message to your governmental leaders today to help close the gender wage gap.