May 30, 2023
Don’t Let Them Unravel our Pride and #Act4QueerSafety to Tackle Rising Hate

Toronto — As 2023 Pride season begins, 2SLGBTQIA+ Canadians are facing an unprecedented rise in hate. UFCW Canada is collaborating with national organizations to counter the 2SLGBTQIA+ hate occurring across the country. We’re also proud to support UFCW OUTreach and UFCW Women’s Network as they make available workshops on the 5 D’s and the Power of Bystander Intervention and Conflict De-escalation for union activists.

Take Action Nationally — #Act4QueerSafety Campaign

Hate-motivated violence targeting 2SLGBTQIA+ communities is on the rise. While the government has taken positive steps in supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, inclusion, and health in the past, they have not acted in the face of rising hate.

UFCW Canada is proud to be a national partner in the #Act4QueerSafety Campaign. The campaign calls on the federal government to create targeted actions in response to rising 2SLGBTQIA hate. Sign your support to #Act4QueerSafety now as we work with Momentum campaign leaders in fighting to achieve these crucial demands.

Sign the petition to demand that your government representative #Act4Queer Safety and take action on rising hate.

Take Action in Your Community — Don’t Let Them Unravel Our Pride: New Report by Egale Canada

In response to the rise in hate, Egale Canada and Fierte Canada Pride have released a new report on the exponential increase in anti-2SLGBTQI hate in 2023: Don’t Let Them Unravel Our Pride.

UFCW Canada has supported the development of Egale’s new Pride Safety Toolkits. The toolkits aim to promote safety at Prides and other 2SLGBTQIA+ events amid rising levels of anti-trans and anti-2SLGBTQI hate, discrimination and violence. The toolkit is available for Pride and 2SLGBTQI event Attendees and Organizers.

View the full campaign here.

Take Action in Your Workplace-UFCW OUTreach and UFCW Women’s Network Training on Bystander Intervention and Conflict De-escalation

At the UFCW International 9th Regular Convention, UFCW OUTreach and UFCW Women’s Network led a joint workshop entitled Creating Safe and Violence-Free Workplaces and launched a new joint campaign entitled #INTERRUPTHATE.

The campaign is designed to support UFCW staff representatives and union members in employing practical strategies to challenge workplace violence. To accomplish this goal, UFCW OUTreach and UFCW Women’s Network have partnered with an organization called, Right To Be. This organization works to eliminate harassment and discrimination in all its forms by providing training which equips participants with tangible actions to challenge violence when it arises in the workplace.

Come and participate in a virtual training session led by Right to Be! If you didn’t catch the May training, there’s still time to participate in the next training session, hosted by UFCW Women’s Network and UFCW OUTreach.

(English only)

Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Time: 4pm – 6pm EDT

To register click link here