October 25, 2021
By the Numbers: Gig work in Canada

Toronto – October 25, 2021 – The gig-economy is on a steady increase in Canada and according to a study released by the Future Skills Centre there are three key takeaways when understanding the trend.

Firstly, with earnings averaging just $10,000 a year the data suggests many gig workers are turning to gig work to supplement or replace already inadequate income.

Secondly, by presenting themselves as intermediaries rather than as service providers, platform companies shift nearly 100 percent of their risks and costs onto others, such as its workers and the public.

Thirdly, self-employed temporary work such as gig-work now constitutes 20 percent of the labour force and are by far the fastest growing labour group in Canada.

As the fastest growing form of employment in the country it is crucial that governments develop regulations to end the vulnerability of gig-workers and introducing basic standards for the industry such as minimum wage, holiday pay, sick leave, and the right to join a union.