October 04, 2021
By the Numbers: Accommodation and food services lead Canadian GDP comeback

Toronto – October 4, 2021 – Statistics Canada released its GDP report by industry for the month of July and all signs point to a resurgence of accommodation and food services across the country.

The industry is finally beginning to recover some of its historic losses in 2020 as public health restrictions ease in the wake of increasing vaccinations and health care capacity. The industry as seen a 12.5% growth rate with accommodation services sub-sector up 21.2% as domestic and international travel rebounds.

Alongside food services which rose by 9.5% arts, entertainment and recreation is up 8.1% as eased public health restrictions are bringing people back to live events, amusement parks and recreational services like gyms and yoga studios.

The industry still needs to make up nearly $10 billion in lost value from pre-pandemic highs but netting nearly $35 billion in July alone it is clear that the resilience of Canada’s accommodation and food services industry will lead the country’s economic resurgence.