June 21, 2021
BDM Scholarship recipient thankful for help throughout trying pandemic – UFCW 501

Montreal – June 21, 2021 – Dulce Vivar, Université de Montréal student of international cooperation, political science and economics is the latest recipient of the $1,000 prize granted to members and their family through UFCW Canada’s BDM scholarship award.

“At this time in the pandemic equipment like laptops, headphones and microphones are crucial to academic success with remote learning,” says Dulce Vivar. “Accessing these tools can get costly which is why this scholarship has made me more prepared and better adapted to take on courses from home and for that I am truly thankful.”

The UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship offers a total of $18,000 in scholarships to UFCW Canada members and their families and is one of more than 25 union scholarships available to members and their families every year, totaling more than $300,000 in support.

To see a full list of scholarships offered by UFCW Canada, or to learn how UFCW members and family members can earn university and college credits completely free of charge, visit our Union Scholarships webpage