November 16, 2023
B.C. Government takes the first significant step in legislating rights for app-based workers in Canada

A close-up of a phone in a carDescription automatically generatedVictoria, B.C. – November 16, 2023 – UFCW Canada welcomes today’s announcement regarding rights for app-based workers from Minister Bains, Parliamentary Secretary Routledge and the British Columbia government. The announcement will see much needed action on ensuring the rights of rideshare and delivery workers in British Columbia, including minimum wage provisions and key health and safety rights.

“Today’s announcement could be the first meaningful legislation passed by any provincial government in Canada for app-based workers,” says Paul Meinema, National President of UFCW Canada. “Providing a minimum wage of 120% is a definite win for these workers and was a key ask of drivers and delivery people, as was the right to workplace health and safety provisions.”

UFCW Canada and its local unions have long been calling on all provincial governments to legislate key labour rights and protections for app-based workers for more than five years. These rights and protections include a minimum earnings standard, the right to join a union and engage in collective bargaining, a benefit fund, occupational health and safety, notice of termination or pay in lieu and for drivers’ to retain their ability to work on multiple platforms. This is based on thousands of conversations with app-based workers since beginning this work. 

“Today’s announcement from the B.C. government is a big step forward in protecting app-based workers. However, a pooled benefit fund funded by all the platforms in this sector still is crucially needed,” says Meinema. “UFCW Canada will continue to advocate for such a benefit fund and push all governments to address the needs of all gig-workers.”

UFCW Canada represents Uber rideshare and delivery workers across the country. To date, UFCW Canada has had over 20,000 conversations with drivers and delivery across the country and have successfully helped over 500 drivers in reactivation and other workplace place issues. UFCW Canada and its local unions were the first to file cases on behalf of Uber drivers with labour boards in British Columbia and Ontario.