September 25, 2021
Union Election: Results
The election results of this week's voting process are:
*President: Dan Goodman
*Secretary-Treasurer: Charles Pratt
*VP #3: Susan Espin
*VP #4: Sandra Peters
*VP #5: Dino Castellarin
*VP #6: John Lewinski
*VP #7: Sandra Geldart
*VP #8: David Mowatt
*VP #10: David Haere
The remainder of the positions were won by acclamation and are held by the following members:
-Recorder: Brian Taylor
-VP #1: Margaret Robbins
-VP #2: Alicia Whitehead
-VP #9: Gorden McDonald
-VP #11: Doug Insley
-VP #12: Dawn Stevenson
-VP #13: Dale Juvelin
-VP #14: Cathy Shannon
"Charles and I would like to thank all the members who participated in the process and came out to vote. Congratulations to all those elected, we look forward to working with you and building the best Local we can." – Elected President Dan Goodman.