September 10, 2020
Union assists new hires with classification error
Loblaws misclassified new hires as temporary workers
At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, Loblaws employed an outside agency to hire hundreds of workers to assist in the sales boom in their retail outlets.
These employees were mistakenly classified as temporary workers in the payroll system, and benefits contributions were not made on their behalf.
When one of the new hire members contacted the benefits administrator (PBAS) to inquire about signing up for the benefit package, the new hire was advised they were not in the system and not eligible for benefits.
The member wisely contacted the Union office, and an investigation revealed that many new hires were mis-classified as temporary.
As a result of the investigation, over 300 members became eligible for both CCWIPP credits, as well as benefits entitlement. Loblaws has remitted the missing contributions to CCWIPP and PBAS that they owed as a result of the error.
If a member believes that there is an issue in their workplace, they should always contact their full time Union Representative who is there to assist them with any  problems they may have.