January 14, 2021
UFCW National President Calls on Retailers and Manufacturers to Renew Covid-19 Premium Pay

As we have reported in the past, UFCW Local 247 and other UFCW Locals across Canada have been telling employers what our members already know: we are still in a pandemic and they need to renew the Covid-19 Premium Pay many of them were paying last summer. Many of these efforts have been coordinated with our National Office and last week UFCW National President Paul Meinema sent a letter to several of our major Retail Food and Food Manufacturing CEO’S reminding them that “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, UFCW Canada members at have been manufacturing food products and working tirelessly to keep retail stores open, stocked, and safe for Canadians to access food and supplies.”

In addition to asking for the reinstatement of the pandemic premium, President Meinema also asked the retailers and manufacturers to review and re-enforce health and safety measures we had forwarded to them last year.

Local Union President, Suzanne Hodge had this to say on President Meinema’s letter, “Many of the retailers and manufacturers we deal with in B.C. operate across Canada and it’s important that our Union sends a united and consistent message to help protect our frontline UFCW essential members.”