Thank You Shop Stewards

Your Union has undertaken its first online picket captain training education session.

This session targeted the picket captain duties: responsibilities and organization. 

During our open question period, a lot of discussion centered on the negativity and anger that is being directed in some cases at the shop stewards themselves.

During these stressful times, against the backdrop of the Covid endemic, rumor mills, and online misinformation, we are faced with the challenges this divisiveness brings.

Shop stewards are volunteers and leaders within your various workplaces.  It is often a thankless job.  Your Union appreciates all the effort and hard work that all your shop stewards do.  They are volunteers who do their best in the circumstances.  Shop stewards are your co-workers who try their best to do what they can to help you in your workplace.  Personal attacks and belittlement serve no purpose in advancing the improvement of your workplace conditions.

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.

It is the Employer who has presented the offer of settlement.  It is the responsibility of your Union committee to present the best achievable offer short of a dispute.  Clearly the Company’s last offer was not to the satisfaction of the membership and was rejected.

Your Union has now taken the strongest stance possible and secured a strong strike mandate to send a clear message to the Company that they need to provide an acceptable deal for the membership.

The Company has received this message and has now agreed to meet with your Union on May 30 + 31.

Directing personal attacks and negativity to the shop stewards in the workplace, serve only to further divide our membership. 

Your Union is only as strong as its membership and trying to divide the membership is harmful AND works in favor of the Company.

We encourage all members to come together during this time, please support your shop stewards in your workplaces. 

As members, you have your right to exercise your voice through your vote.  Please respect your stewards as we all want more and better for our co-workers, our friends, and our Union.  

Please reach out to your steward in your workplace and give them a message of solidarity.

This is what makes your Union strong and democratic.