May 14, 2021
Tentative Agreement Reached in Negotiations for FG Deli members

Late in the day on May 11th, the UFCW 247 Negotiating Committee representing FG Deli members  reached a tentative agreement with the Employer on a new collective agreement. The settlement was reached with the assistance of Mediator Mark Atkinson and came after we had met almost 30 days over the last 7 months.

The two sides had agreed to utilize a Mediator to help bridge the gap after negotiations broke off in late April. “This has been an extremely challenging process and I want to thank our bargaining committee for all the time and effort they have shown in getting the best deal possible” said UFCW President Dan Goodman, who headed up the negotiations with Union Representative Eric Seto. There was an emphasis placed on meeting in person and with the ups and downs of the COVID protocols, scheduling meetings was challenging and we want to thank the Sheraton Guilford Hotel for their assistance on providing excellent service and a safe meeting place.

We have scheduled a meeting to go through and finalize the settlement document with both bargaining committees and we are currently arranging for the Town Hall meeting to explain the settlement to members and the ratification dates. We will post the dates, locations and times here so please check back soon for an update.

We will also be posting the Memorandum of Agreement for members to view or print prior to the Town Hall explanation meeting.