March 12, 2019
Superstores scheduling issues see members paid after union steps in

Issues with union members’ store schedules at Superstores 1523 (Chilliwack) & 1558 (Abbotsford) led to the union filing a policy-scheduling grievance on their behalf, and the grievance settlement is a solid win for members in those stores:

  • One member alone will receive over 50 hours paid compensation for the scheduling problems, resulting in more than $1,200. 
  • At Superstore 1523, a total of 100.5 hours is being paid to members. 
  • At Superstore 1558, 194 hours are being paid, and 12.5 hours at Double time. 

Your union contract spells out how scheduling is to take place, and when employers violate the scheduling rules or any other aspect of the contract, the union will file a grievance. 

In the scheduling case described above, the union filed what is known as a “Policy” grievance, because the contract was being violated in a similar manner at more than one workplace. 

If you have concerns about your scheduling and pay, please review your concerns with your Shop Steward, or call the union office to speak to your Union Rep. Please make sure you have your paystubs and any other relevant information and paperwork so the union can properly investigate.