September 17, 2021
Superstore & Loblaw Distribution Centres Bargaining Update

Another round of bargaining took place this week with your bargaining committees and Loblaw. The retail committee met on September 15, 16, 17 and continued working through the non-monetary proposals.  The focus was primarily on scheduling and availability issues for part time members with significant progress being made in several areas. The Dynamic Scheduling proposal occupied much of the committee's time and many questions and concerns were raised with the employer. This issue will again be a large part of the focus in the next set of meetings in early October.

The DC committee was also in bargaining on September 16, focusing on the Marine Drive Overtime access and Overtime scheduling proposals. After multiple back and forth passes through the package of proposals it was decided to assign this issue to a special sub committee composed of  Marine drive bargaining committee members and members from various shifts. These discussions will be continued in the next round of bargaining in mid October. Both Committees are seeking additional confirmed meeting dates with the employer.