April 26, 2023
Solidarity with PSAC workers! – update May 9th 2023

**news update May 9th 2023**

On May 6th, PSAC has reached a tentative agreement with their employer.  This agreement was obtained after pressure has been applied to the employer through strike action and solidarity actions.  The PSAC bargaining team is recommending ratificaiton of the tentative agreements reached and has begun the process of scheduling votes for more than 150,000 members over the coming weeks.  

Thank you to all 247 members and all UFCW members who provided solidarity and support PSAC members in their struggle for a fair deal.


Solidarity with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

You may have read in the news, on the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)and its members are on strike to fight for fair treatment, better working conditions, and higher wages.

Over 150,000 members are on strike after a deadline to reach a deal on April 18th 2023 was not met.  PSAC members have been trying to negotiate a fair deal stalled after 2 years of negotiations. 

As progress was slow, and it appeared that their employer was not negotiating fairly, PSAC members walked off the job and set up picket lines on April 19th

What can you do?

Please support and show solidarity with the workers fighting for their rights by standing together with PSAC members.

By standing together, we can amplify our voices by showing your support:

  • Share PSAC’s social media posts with your own messages of solidarity using the hashtag #WorkersCantWait
  • Bring food or drinks for the picketers.
  • Honk when you pass a picket line to show support.

Let us all try and pressure their employer to come back to the table with a fair offer. 

Any support to show solidarity with PSAC members would be appreciated and please consider joining one of their picket lines that is close to you.

Showing Union support and Unity strengthens our community.

To find a picket line near you.  Please visit:  www.workerscantwait.ca  and enter your postal code for a location near you.

If you are visiting a picket line close to you, introduce yourself to the picket captain.