June 13, 2020
Sobeys announces end to bonus pay

Sobeys has announced that June 13 will be the last day they pay a $2 per hour bonus to employees.

In March, Sobeys, along with other major food retailers, began paying a temporary $2 per hour bonus to its employees effective March 8.

Sobeys also announced they will pay a one-time bonus to employees, based on average hours worked between March 8 and June 13. Sobeys stated, “This bonus will be awarded to employees who have worked shifts since March 8 and are with us on June 13, and will amount to two weeks of the Hero Pay premium based on your average hours worked per week within that time period. This bonus will be paid by the end of July. Specific details will be shared shortly.” 

With the introduction of plexiglass shields, social distancing, and other new safety measures, Sobeys joins major food retailers in Canada and the US that have ended bonus pay programs as well.

UFCW 247 staff continue to work with Sobeys to address health and safety issues with personal protective equipment in the stores.

UFCW Canada issued the following statement:

UFCW Statement on COVID-19 premium pay 

Toronto – June 11, 2020 – UFCW Canada is disappointed that employers in various sectors across Canada are choosing to stop paying COVID-19 premium pay while the pandemic continues, and some provinces are still enforcing precautionary measures.

UFCW Canada acknowledges that premium pay was introduced as part of the COVID-19 response, but the union also expressed that premium pay should be maintained throughout the pandemic.

The health and safety of UFCW Canada members is – and has always been – the union’s top priority. And, with that in mind, we must also acknowledge that many employers have acted upon UFCW Canada recommendations to better protect members, their families, and numerous communities. UFCW Canada will continue to meet with employers to maintain these achievements and further advance health and safety protocols across the country.

UFCW Canada is pleased that society as a whole has come to better appreciate and recognize the crucial work that our members do in many important sectors of the economy. Throughout the pandemic, UFCW Canada members have gone above and beyond as frontline workers. And the issues, needs and concerns identified throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will be top priorities for the union in future collective bargaining efforts.

In addition to employers, UFCW Canada will continue pressing provincial and federal governments for further health and safety advancements to better protect our members on the front lines.