September 11, 2020
Sobeys and 1518 Resolve Store Profitability Issue
Sobeys and 1518 have resolved their outstanding issue over the determination of profitable stores and their return to “A” status under the Ready award. The parties agreed that the following stores: Store 4946 (Terrace), 4936 (Shaughnessy), Store 4913 (Kensington), Store 4911 (Burnaby Heights), Store 4909 (Caufield), Store 4917 (McBride), Store 4974 (Cranbrook) and Store 4960 (Kelowna) will move out of Appendix B effective September 27, 2020. 

As a result of the moving out of Appendix  B the following Sections of the Safeway Collective Agreement shall be reinstated for 1518 members in the stores listed above: 

This is great news for all employees in this store as it demonstrates that the efforts of the members and Company have returned these stores to profitability.

What does this mean for 247 members in these stores who are working under the FOS Award?

If you recall during the Safeway Town Hall we pointed out how we had the exact language from the Ready Award in our FOS decision that stated:

Should a store covered by Appendix B maintain profitability for one year, either party can apply to revert to Appendix A, or to those specific terms and conditions of Appendix A as otherwise agreed.

Over a year had passed for Local 1518 but they were delayed by having to sort through the issue of what defined a profitable store as Mr. Ready’s award was not clear. We believe that when we take our opportunity to challenge a stores profitability next year we will be hopefully be able to return not only these locations but any other locations that show profitability. Although we understand that it may be frustrating to work in a store like this where 1518 members are returning to A status as we experience changes due to the FOS decision, remember that for the past 21 months 247 members were not impacted by the Ready award and may be impacted for a shorter time period in no small part because of the efforts 1518 members made.