September 14, 2020
Severance packages for Safeway members announced

Sobeys has announced today they will be rolling out severance packages for eligible Local 247 members working in Safeway stores.

Local 247 meat cutters and meat, deli, seafood clerks at Safeway in BC will receive the offer directly from the company.

There will be a minimum of 10 meat cutter severance packages, and 32 Meat, Deli, Seafood clerk severance packages awarded.

Members will have until Friday, October 16th 2020 to submit their decision.

The company will advise the successful applicants no later than Monday, October 26th 2020.

Release dates for the successful applicants will be mid-January 2021, at the employer’s discretion, based on the operational needs of the employer.

Those members who may be off on a leave of absence of any kind may have their offers mailed to their homes.

Members should make sure to check their phone numbers and addresses with the Employee Service Center at 1-800-295-8329 for accuracy if they have moved or have forgotten to update the employer of an address change.